Professional Realtors

We like to think of ourselves as a “Realtor Friendly” company.  If you are a professional realtor in Kansas City or elsewhere we want you to know that we value your trust and are committed to working closely with you to ensure that your clients are happy and you are too.  Our realtor relationships are key to how we do great business!


Satisfied Homeowners

In the Real Estate business, we all know how important referrals and client feedback are. It’s fairly common for a bad building experience to reflect upon the realtor as well which is why the realtors we know are careful to recommend only builders they know and trust.  We love referrals too and we strive to do everything we can to make sure our homeowners are satisfied with their Joseph Lane Home.  Teamwork is critical and we know that if your client is happy with us, chances are they’ll be really happy with you for referring them.


No Disappearing Builder Act

When the house is done many builders consider themselves done too.  Not so with Joseph Lane Homes.  We have put policies and procedures in place to make sure that after the closing, you won’t be getting calls from homeowners asking you to track down the builder for warranty work. {link to customer care warranty page} Our homeowners know that we are accessible before, during and after their home is built to help in any way we can.


Your Feedback is Appreciated

We love feedback too so don’t be shy about letting us know how your experience was working with us!

Contact Information:
Telephone: (816) 547-8300
Address: P.O. BOX 317
Liberty, MO 64069

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